°SALON_Atelier/Private Art Gallery – Vilain XIIII°


Gunther Baeyens, better knows as CAZn1…

…scribbled already in infancy to puberty on walls and other things. He was discovered in the lower school for his drawing skills, and scored well too.

In middle age he attended art school and free art crafts in Ghent and Antwerp at the Urban Secondary Art School and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. There his gift has been refined that he inherited from his grandfathers. The spatial awareness, color study, anatomy, art history, architecture, material and form study…are not unknown to him.

In this evolution he learned graffiti, to date he still scribbles on walls, canvases, panels, vehicles for private and commercial, industrial or makes artistic publicity for your business. And this with the idea of graffiti…and mixed media. He also leaves his arts used to make embellishments, decorations do showcases at festivals and schools.

From ordinairy oldskool graffiti to contemporary artistic futurisme.
A sleek architectural design and realistic images with a personal touch.


CAZ … is the name, just that little bit more what you’re looking for!

Since a while he has a new studio, where most of his works are prepared. The studio is on the ground floor and on the 1st floor there’s a gallery.

Several times a year, he organizes an exhibition ,or an open studio. Through the web, he announces this. You can make an appointment to view it. In addition and presenting Art in the building there is an opportunity to follow workshops.

Do you want to organize something in your own frame! ex: baby bubbles, bourbon night, (t) upperware events, bday-partys. One adress…